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Welcome to our happy homestead located on Georgian Bay in Tiny, Ontario. There is so much adventure to be had around here!

We've been told the vibe is like walking through a wardrobe into another realm, that is both beautiful & gnarly!

Where it's always fun, you feel forever young... and in love!

This wee cabin stole our hearts and changed our luck and we are happy to hold space for you as you share yours! 


So bring your luckiest love to us, we extend open arms to everyone. 

Make yourself at home.

Help yourself to the garden and the freshest eggs

from our hen house in the morning are for you. 

Please explore and don't be shy to ask us for more information and exclusive events from the Local Gems on Georgian Bay!

Wishing you comfort, joy and a beautiful married life,

~Christy and Jody 


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